Elizabeth H. “Liz” Casey


Senior Technical Writer, Copywriter, Journalist, Creative Writer, Editor


Software Skills

Professional Experience


Accomplished, personable, and highly effective writing professional with over 20 years of experience in technological, creative, marketing, HR, and sales communications, using industry-standard publishing and graphics tools. Consistently providing high-quality, clear, compelling, and accurate content, on time and under budget. Services include: technical writing, copywriting, freelance articles, creative writing, marketing communications, sales copy, and labor-law documentation for a diverse range of audiences and usages.

Content Management Systems (CMS), Authoring, & Graphics tools:

Markdown Language



Liquid Syntax

Mercurial hg


VS Code

Confluence Wiki

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Publisher

Help & Manual



Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Illustrator


Camtasia Studio


Wordpress blog & web design

Revision Control Systems (RCS):

Git-based deployment

Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Visual Studio Team Server (VSTS)


Planning Methodologies & Project Management tools:

Agile Scrum

Sprint planning








Platforms & Operating Systems:






Development Tools:

Eclipse IDE

Visual Studio, VSTS



Familiarity w/ Programming Languages:

C, C ++, C#








Web Services, Cloud Computing:

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


ITMaaS, SaaS, PaaS

DevOps, DocOps

RESTful web services

SOAP web services


4/2017 – Present. Microsoft Corporation, Contract

Contract Programmer Technical Writer

Writing Azure cloud services documentation for engineering and IT professionals in GitHub (markdown language). My documentation enables engineers to effectively build, deploy, and manage applications across multiple, global datacenters using a wide variety of tools and frameworks.

Results: My writing and editing supports vital content improvement initiatives for the Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio, and PowerBI tools.

2016 – 2017. Experian

Contract & Sr. Technical Writer

Wrote fraud protection documentation (in an agile environment) for engineering and end-user audiences in Markdown Language and Confluence Wiki. My documentation makes it possible for developers to build more solid products that help Fortune-500 banking and finance companies test, improve, and secure their vital client-facing systems.

Results: My documentation helped the Fraud team fully capture tool features in order to improve quality and better support customers.

2011 – 2016. Nimsoft/CA Technologies, Inc. 

Senior Technical Writer

Writing original Web service (SOAP, REST), API, training, reference, and user documentation to support developers (in an agile environment) in building, configuring and managing ITMaaS systems on the SaaS Platform.

Results: My documentation enabled engineers to understand the architecture and implementation of the SaaS Platform and makes it possible for them to consistently improve Platform features, usability, and performance for our customers.

2011 – 2011. Apollo Group 

Contract Technical Writer

Created an all-new set of developer documentation (in an agile environment) to help external and internal programmers access and configure APIs for integrating with the SAAS platform.

Results: My content guided engineers in understanding, building, and improving the SaaS Platform features and functions, so they could build stronger, user-friendly solutions. Because I completed my projects consistently ahead of schedule and under budget, I took on dozens of additional writing projects to support my writing team as well.

2010 – 2011. Disney Interactive Studios

Contract Technical Writer 

Wrote video game software documentation for engineering teams. Documents include: architecture, reference, trouble-shooting, verification, templates, corporate style guide, best practices, proposals, and user documentation for over 50 software tools, both external and internal. 

Results: My writing was instrumental in helping cross-functional teams understand their role in shaping an entire product and understand how their actions affected other development areas. Gaining this insight led to greater collaboration between departments and tighter development practices.


2007 – 2010. Perquest, Inc. 

Senior Technical Writer & Editor

Wrote 21 (all-new) payroll operations, IT training, and user manuals to support Sales Agents, Operations, IT, Marketing, and Implementation teams and produced context-sensitive help for end users of the SaaS Payroll portal. 

Results: My content helped end-users of the payroll portal quickly learn the tool and perform payroll tasks. I also supported over 100 engineers, sales agents, IT, and operations personnel.

2006 – 2012. ButterFat Writing Services, Inc./Employee Manuals Plus 

Principal, Freelance Copy Writer, & Technical Writer

Wrote copy, technical, marketing, training, and sales collateral, plus labor-law-compliant employee, operations, and policies handbooks. 

Results: My writing helped over 120 clients, in a wide variety of industries, gain market share, improve corporate communications, strengthen their brands, and run compliant businesses.

2005 – 2006. Mendocino Software, Inc. 

Senior Technical Writer

Wrote 15 (all-new) architecture, user, and reference manuals.

Results: My documentation was crucial in educating partner OEM businesses in the design and function of the tools so they could effectively market to their customers.

2004 – 2005. Altera Corporation 

Contract Technical Writer & Editor

Wrote, edited, and formatted, 12 megafunction user guides.

Results: My content helped engineers make numerous product improvements and strengthen their technical support efforts, which resulted in a significant drop in support calls.

2001 – 2004. Cadence Design Systems, Inc. 

Senior Technical Writer

Wrote original developer and user documentation for physical verification tools.

Results: My documentation helped engineering end-users to understand and comply with the design rules necessary for optimal integrated circuit design and fabrication.

1999 – 2000. Haptek, Inc. 

Technical Writer/Technical Support

Wrote original online user manuals for graphic-based, digital entertainment software.

Results: My writing helped clients effectively use advanced features of the software to author and publish their own animations.

1999 – 1999. Entelos, Inc. 

Contract Technical Writer

Wrote reference and user documentation for a virtual disease-modeling software.

Results: My content helped the writing team meet several crucial release deadlines.

1998 – 1998. Cadence Design Systems, Inc. 

Technical Writer Internship

Edited and refined existing documentation for integrated circuit testing software.

Results: My efforts helped the writing team finish final production tasks for a software release ahead of schedule.